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Alexey Evseev, web developer based in Moscow, Russia.
Date of Birth: 06.02.1985

Mostly i build server-side part of web applications. Use python, django, tornado. I try to write clean code, so it will be comfortable for me and others to read it later. Interested in profiling code, make it faster and less memory use.

Being a present-day developer means you always have to study. Often it is not easy, but i love the feeling, when you succeeded in something new!

Tools and technologies


ezhome (2016.08 - Present)

Software Engineer

ezhome is simplifying the life of every homeowner by solving hard technical and logistical problems.

We're well funded and growing fast. Our team is currently 20 in Palo Alto, 75 globally, and we're quickly becoming a household name. If you want to join us, check out our open positions

Learn More: Our Story - Working for ezhome - Working for ezhome remotely: Our Team -

Rambler&Co (2015.12 - 2016.07)

Python developer

Python developer (2014.06 - 2015.02)

Python developer

Develop web application built with tornado: develop REST API resources; integrate yandex kassa ( for receiving payments; integrate paysto API ( for payments output; develop async ODM for working with mongoDB from tornado; add real time messaging; perform load testings; internationalization (i18n) of application.

Freelance (2012.08 - 2014.05)

Python developer

Develop web applications, mostly back-end and rarely front-end. Develop data mining and processing scripts. Contribute to open-source projects. Use TDD approach (first create test logic, only after start writing the code).

Tools and technologies: python, django, tornado, motor, south, celery, haystack, apache solr, whoosh, sqlalchemy, Jinja2, schematics, django-oscar, django-rest-framework, django-social-auth, django-mptt, django-model-utils, django-crispy-forms, django-extra-views, django-ratings, django-sentry, django-nose, WTForms, sorl-thumbnail, easy-thumbnails, dropbox api, grab, milkman, requests, python-bitcoinrpc, reportlab, redis, mysql, postgres, mongodb, memcached, git, nginx, makesite, javascript, jquery and others.

Projects, i've been involved to:

Open-source contributing:

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (2009.02 - 2012.08)

Senior software developer (C language)

Develop aircraft on-board software (SBITE: System Build In Test Equipment).

Update architecture for new functionality. Write code and documentation. All specification and tools were in english. I've been involved in different tasks, including planning and people management. Once there was a hard situation with critical problem and lack of time, but with help from my team i've successfully solved it.

Often used python for daily tasks.

Tools and technologies: C, UNIX, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, DOORs.

Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva (JSC) (2007.10 - 2008.03)

Design engineer

Development of the lens optical system.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "House of optics" (2006.10 - 2007.04)


Write classification of optical and electro-optic devices for military use (part in standardization document, UDC 623:681.7).


Moscow University of Radio engineering Electronics and Automatics (MIREA) (2002 - 2008)

Engineer's degree, Electro-optic systems