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Remote url for localhost server

Remote url for localhost server

There is a nice tool called ngrok. It allows to bind the URL for your localhost server!

For example, you've launched a django development server on you computer:

python runserver

and this project can be accessed by remote URL.

What for?

At least i can imagine such tasks:

  • demonstrate project to customer
  • check your site integration with payment system. For example paypal, where for receiving IPN messages you need a working site ...

Posted on 2014-05-09

Django project: from beginning to working server

In this post i'll describe my experience of deploying django project to VPS-hosting.

Steps of deploying and server setup:

  1. Creation of django project
  2. Deploy setup
  3. Server setup
  4. Deploy

Creation of django project

Assume, that project is called myproject.

First, create it on local machine. We'll need pip and virtualenv (if not installed yet).

Create virtual environment:

virtualenv venv-myproject

Acitvate it:

# on *nix system
source venv-myproject/bin/activate

REM on windows
venv\Scripts\activate ...

Posted on 2013-11-13